2 weeks to improve your listening skills and more with dictations

Cathy Introligator
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A 2-weeks program to boost your listening and comprehension skills. 

Use it also to practice speaking!

Understand how your brain learns to become an efficient independent learner and save time and money on 1:1 lessons.

Discover how you can transform any audio that has a transcript into study material you enjoy and adapted to your individual needs.

Watch the presentation and Q&A about the program: https://fb.watch/1WYcgk6Ezb/

It includes

  • An introduction video (less than 10 minutes) 
  • 4 short audio dictations (about 170-200 words)
  • 25-pages workbook with explanations, follow up activities with each dictation (comprehension questions and writing/speaking prompts) and corrections
  • Vocabulary explained
  • 6 templates "grilles d'analyse"

It's for you if:

  • You've reached a high A2 or B1 but struggle with understanding spoken French
  • You're preparing for B2-level (or higher) test like TEF, TCF, DELF, DALF and you need to practice listening, spelling and increase your vocabulary
  • You'd like to have a framework to structure your listening comprehension practice

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4 dictations from French news articles to get you started + Tools to tranform any audio with transcript into a learning opportunity

2 short explanatory videos
4 short audio dictations
25 pages workbook: Explanations, Follow up activities with each dictation
Vocabulary explained
5 templates "grilles d'analyse"
1 step by step method to work on understanding spoken French
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27 pages

2 weeks to improve your listening skills and more with dictations

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I want this!